20 Random Things to Know About Me


  1. Attended college at College of Charleston in Charleston, SC and consider the city a second home.
  2. I’m terrified of snakes
  3. Carrie Bradshaw is my idol
  4. Born, raised and currently reside in Northern Virginia
  5. Rather be hot than cold (Summer is my favorite season)
  6. Can’t stand the taste nor consistency of olives (but enjoy martinis…go figure)
  7. Guilty of listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving
  8. Believe that champagne is appropriate any time of day
  9. Danced for the WMBA, Washington Mystics of Washington, DC in high school
  10. New Years Eve is my favorite holiday, it’s also my wedding anniversary
  11. Favorite color is green
  12. No mood is too bad that a good Country song can’t pull me out of.
  13. Mexican food makes me the happiest
  14. Have naturally curly hair
  15. Favorite cocktail is a Moscow Mule
  16. Saturdays are my favorite day of the week
  17. Kindness and class are two accessories every girl should carry
  18. When time allows, I love to needlepoint
  19. After college I managed a Lilly Pulitzer Signature store in Reston, VA
  20. I work full time as a Production Manager at a mortgage company