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Give me all the hydration!

If you’re over the age of 30, you’ve probably stared at a bathroom mirror for minutes at a time wondering where your youth went…No? just me? Well, in the event you have, you’ve probably pondered what products can help improve your skin- not just those that provide anti-aging benefits, but those that also smell great, feel good and don’t cost a fortune. I’ll try anything that offers all these things and more, and here are a few I’ve tried recently that live up to the promises!


In an effort to moisturize my skin and give it a healthy “gulp” of hydration, I’ve made a few updates to my daily skin care routine and incorporated steps that have really brought about great results. Most recently, I’ve been loving adding a drop or two of face oil underneath my moisturizer (currently loving this one). I add drops to my favorite Everskin serum, which has helped brighten my skin, and gently pat onto the face (application tip: patting and gently pressing product into your face is better than rubbing) My favorite oils in rotation include the Trader Joes Rose Oil, which is only $6 and give skin a boost of moisture and smells amazing!, and the Sunday Riley Juno Essential Face oil. Under $50 and packed with vitamins, amino acids, Omega 3,6, & 9, and helps to illuminate skin. It gives the most radiant glow and keeps skin hydrated all day long. Lastly, but certainly not least is the BeautyCounter Brightening Oil ($69). It’s citrus scented which is a nice, especially in the morning, to wake up skin and full of Vitamin C (a key for helping skin stay youthful!). It’s lightweight and provides a silky smooth feeling. I like to use this one at night because I find it’s a bit heavier than the others so it goes nicely underneath a night cream for ultimate hydration while you sleep.

To really help the oils sink into my skin, I’ve jumped on the jade rolling trend! And, am loving it! I’ve seen so many other bloggers talk about incorporating this into their skin regimen so I decided to give it a shot. At first I felt silly, but after using it a time or two, I really felt like it was brighten my skin and smoothing fine lines. Other benefits of its use include promoting circulation, which plumps and firms skin, and it is also great for sinus pain as well as headaches. The rolling relieves pressure and facial tension in facial muscles. I grabbed this one on Amazon for $14, and there are several options to choose from but I recommend starting with an inexpensive one if you’re new to the idea.


Along with the daily doses of hydration, I’ve also incorporated weekly TLC steps to help not only hydrate skin, but combat weekly stresses like lack of sleep, allergies and weather and…toddlers! The Patchology Rejuventating eye gels (available at Nordstrom) are a quick, easy way to give depuff, brighten and smooth your under eye area. These help tired eyes feel awakened and revitalized and I love how simple they are to use. Use them as you get ready in the morning, or as part of your relaxation as you wind down a busy day(they make a night time specific eye gel I can’t wait to try!) I used them before work one morning and felt like my eyes looked better, and that my makeup wore better throughout the day. Absolutely recommend them!

To accompany the eye gels, I gave the Patchology lips gels! at try. The dry cracked lips that normally appear for me in the winter, seem to have stuck around longer than wanted this year, so I wanted to try something to help hydrate and smooth my lips…because no one likes dry, flaky lookin’ lips! A lip treatment, other than Chapstick, is a new concept for me, so I was eager to see if these really worked…and they did! This particular set was easy to use, quick (5 minutes) and truly helped hydrate my lips. I could tell a difference immediately! Featuring the brands HydraSurge5™ Moisture System, the advanced hydrogel patch technology sends the most powerful moisturizing ingredients to your lips faster. Also includes Niacinamide, peptides and green tea extract which help to soothe and deliver antioxidant benefits. Definitely going to keep these around, and use them regularly…hoping they help prevent the effects of weather changes. I’ll report back!


I LOVE trying new products so please comment and let me know you’re favorite skin care tips and tricks! XO



Patchology Rejuvenating 5 minute eye gels, Patchology Hydrating Lip gels, Jade Roller, other pricier option here, Rose Oil (also tried and love these oils: Sunday Riley JUNO, BeautyCounter Brightening oil); Ever Skincare Serum & Moisturizer

        The Original Chi Himalayan Anti Aging Jade roller Therapy 100% Natural jade facial roller double Neck Healing Slimming Massager - By Krasr       Main Image - SPACE.NK.apothecary Sunday Riley Juno Essential Face Oil Product Image


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